Article Marketing 101 – How to Drive Traffic to Design Blogs Using 101 Community News Submissions

You launched a blog, filled it with jaw dropping tutorials, displayed ads on few corners, opted for an extremely amazing theme and then waited! Now what? Traffic starts pouring in but others are already running away with the goal post. In between the hugger mugger geometry of blogs smoothies are shaken, not stirred! Brains are muddled and thoug

How to Create a Multi-Step Form Using RhinoSlider

How do you feel when you see a long Sign Up form for a website or service? Generally, people get bored when the Sign Up form is too long. Ideally, you should keep the form as simple as possible with minimum fields, and if that is not possible, try using a multi-step form.

The reason why Facebook Connect and Sign In with Twitter has become so po

Create a Sliding Navigation Menu with jQuery

Having a sliding navigation menu helps users to find the important pages of your website in a cool way. It is important to keep your navigation menu simple and user-friendly while keeping it attractive.

Consider a situation where you include your blog categories in a navigation menu. If you have a long category list, a drop down navigation menu

1WD Ebook Launch Case Study: How To Get 8000 downloads in 3 days?

Two months ago 1stwebdesigner launched three ebooks, stepping into this market for the first time. We planned our promotion in a way that we had 8,000 free downloads in three days, which resulted in $1,000 profit for the first month through Amazon. The following month we did even better, closing to $2,000 for July. The best thing about this pro

Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page using HTML5 and CSS3

In this tutorial we are going to create a Coming Soon page using HTML5 and CSS3 with a minimalist style and light colors. We will use the minimal Coming Soon page designed in Photoshop by Stelian a few days ago. If you’ve missed that tutorial be sure to check it out here:

Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page in Adobe Photoshop.

Final Result

Create a Stylish Tweet Book with Jquery and CSS

Twitter is a popular social networking service used by millions of users to share text-based content. It has been described as the “SMS of the Internet.” We love to tweet links and ideas we are interested as well as follow other people with similar interests. Everyone loves to follow a lot of people and hence there is a possibility

20 Addictive HTML5 Games For You To Enjoy

HTML5 game development is a trending topic that developers and designers often talk about these days. It is slowly but surely replacing Flash with its support for animations and game development in combination with JavaScript. You will see that more and more HTML5 games are created everyday with awesome graphics and cool effects. In this round-

PSD to HTML Tutorial: Code a Photoshop File to a Working Website

Howdy, folks! In this PSD to HTML tutorial you will learn how to code the Quick and Easy Stylish Design Agency Landing Page In Adobe Photoshop. I’m not really into coding, more of a design person and this is my first coding tutorial. I will try my best to guide you through the whole thing. We will be coding this from scratch and by the en

75 Premium WordPress Themes From Year 2012

Looking for a great website? Maybe a convenient solution for a client? WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS solutions out there and people with demands choose it for their website because of it’s flexibility, customizability and almost unlimited range of features.

WordPress doesn’t associate with just a blog anymore – it&

How to Create a WordPress Reward for Tweet Plugin

As a website owner or blogger you need a good number of subscribers and followers to be successful in the social media world. Many websites provide freebies such as eBooks, Icon Packs and Plugins in exchange for emails. Getting people to tweet your content is another trending method to get more visitors to your site. In this tutorial, I’l